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Governor Committtees


Teaching and Learning



Resources Management



Chair: Fiona Kilpatrick

Vice Chair: Anna Shelton

Sarah Henshaw

Steve Hutchinson

Emma Pitman


Chair: James Dawson

Vice Chair: Elizabeth Smith

Father Tom Barnsfather

Karen Ennis

Emma Pitman

Helen Walker


Link Governors

Safeguarding and Anti Bullying: Fiona Kilpatrick

SEN: Father Tom Barnsfather

Pupil Premium: Anna Shelton

Sports Funding: Anna Shelton

Website: Steve Hutchinson

Data: James Dawson & Anna Shelton

EYFS: Helen Walker

School Improvement Plan: Liz Smith, Karen Ennis & Steve Hutchinson

Health and Safety: Helen Walker

Appraisals: Liz Smith and Fiona Kilpatrick

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