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Online Safety

At Charlotte we know our children live in a digital world. There are huge benifits to children accessing the internet and we want them to grow up being fully equiped to deal with the technical world now and the technical world of the future. However, it is very important the children know how to use online resources safely and keep themselves safe. Due to the age of our children as well as school, parents, carers and families play a huge role in teaching our children how to navigate the online world safely.

Online saftey is a key part of our safeguarding responsibilities - we are a National Online Safety (NOS) accredited school and have been for the past three years. This involves ensuring our staff are trained in supporting children with online safety, we have a curriculum that embeds online safety and we support parents navigating the online world with their children. NOS provides lots of information and videos for parents to watch, you can find information here:

National Online Safety

Our DSLs often share 'need to know' leaflets to support parents, carers and families with general online knowledge, popular games and apps as well as updates on anything new that impacts on our children's safety online. Some of these can be found below and will be updated regularly.  

As a school we are also beginning to use the '360 Safe' online safety review tool to ensure we are keeping, and teaching our children to be, as safe as possible with their online activity.  

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